Shawn's Page
I am now running for patrol leader in my Boy Scout troop! 
My computer class ended yesterday. I'm so depressed, it was really fun. If my teacher is reading this I say thank you!!!!!!!!!!! and if anyone from my class is reading this, hiya. And if you are a random person that I may or may not know, ummmmmmmm. LOL. I hope that this site will be a favorite of yours. 

                                                                                 Your humble host, Shawn M.
Hi everyone, it's me, Shawn. I have created this place just today. I'm very new at blogging,seeing as this is my first blog. But i'm confident you'll help me (hopefully). Any new subject you want to talk about, just comment and we'll get started. I'm hoping it will continue from there.                     
                                                                                       Your humble host, Shawn McCullough