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I am now 12 YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 I just attended a funeral of one of the elders in my church :( But it is good to know that he is with the Lord :) Please pray for the non-believing family, they are very sad.  
I am now the patrol leader of the shark patrol, wahooooooooooooo! I am in charge of patrol activities, fundraisers, and camping trips. Sooooooooooooo happy! Please pray for me. Thanks! 
first day of school, sooooooooo happy
He is a really great guy and I think, he will be a really great gov. 
I taught my mom how to use my ripstick. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We had so much planning to do in our last meeting, that they had to reschedule elections. Bummer! Oh well, I'll live to see another Tuesday, if God doesn't want the world to end before then. LOL! 
My pastor invited me to a boy-scout meeting! Soooooo happy! But I have to wake up around six though.  
I have finally been able to work on my book for a large amount of time. Yahoo!!!!!! and if any of you want to comment on my posts, click "comments" and you'll figure it out from there.